-What financial institutions do you represent?

Spanish Peaks Capital Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, which allows our clients to receive unbiased, cost efficient financial advice.
We do not represent a specific institution.

-What separates Spanish Peaks from other brokerage firms?

Unlike wire-house (retail) brokerage firms, Spanish Peaks receives no incentive or pressure to use an internal analyst’s research or recommendations. We pay no soft dollars. We use no synthetic retail products i.e. closed ended funds, sub-prime, fund of funds, mutual funds, auction rate preferreds or annuities. Everything is transparent and fully disclosed.

-Do you assure me a certain return on my investments?

While there isn’t assurance of specific returns, lowering your annual costs to have your monies managed along with proper allocation, can add significantly to your returns over the long term.

-How will I know what you are doing with my investments?

Spanish Peaks manages all accounts with discretion. All clients receive trade confirmations, monthly statements, and quarterly performance reports either by mail or email. Online access to your account information and history is always available.

-What kind of investments does Spanish Peaks invest in?

All portfolios are customized to each client based on risk, time horizon, and tax circumstances. The equity holdings will be all individual stocks or exchange traded index funds. The fixed income portion will be all individual holdings invested across the maturity spectrum and allocated accordingly to maximize yields.

-What is the minimum account balance to begin investing with Spanish Peaks?

The average client has over $100,000 invested with us. However there are no minimum account balances.

Questions to ask your current advisor…

What are your sales goals?
What did the overall market return last year?
Have you ever had a bankruptcy?
What is your educational background?
What are the exact fees you are charging me?
Are there upfront and annual fees?
Is this investment liquid?
Does management dictate what investments you can sell?